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Everybody has such a strong opinion about this fight, but I think it's going to be very close. If Randy is able to put Brock on his back and start landing from his guard, this fight is over, and that is what this all really comes down to for me. The fight really has to go one certain way for Brock to win, Randy has so many avenues that will put Brock in deep water. If it becomes a wrestling match, you have to give it to Lesnar, but otherwise Randy Couture wins everywhere else. I think he will be able to keep a distance for the most part before exploding in for quick combinations, body locks, and potentially a lot of leg kicks. Everybody talks about age, and while it's a factor, Randy looked better at 44 than he did in any of the 10 years prior. The people in his camp remain wowed by what he does, and I don't think age will catch up to him this Saturday. Randy Couture via TKO, round 1.
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This fight has caused me much consternation. I've never been impressed with Couture's ability to withstand ground and pound as he attempts a submission or escape. Lesnar, if he's going to win, is likely to be on top in Couture's guard unleashing a barrage of heavy strikes. That worries me. What also worries me is not that Lesnar has combinations, but he does have quick snap on hard punches. That's enough to hurt Randy and put him away early. But I'm going to gamble here and say that isn't going to happen. Couture is something of a fight scientist. He proposes a hypothesis (in this case, that he can defeat Brock Lesnar), sets up the experiment by bringing in test partners and finding the right way to prepapre and then tests his theory in the Octagon.
Crackstreams Club is known for streaming UFC events for free. The MMA fights will take place in America with the venue to announce later.Whether or not its correct, well, we'll find out tomorrow. But I believe that Couture's cardio, inside clinch work (which means constant pummeling and constant attack to keep Lesnar guessing and on the defensive), superior boxing and experience carry the day here. Can Lesnar win? Absolutely, so my pick is one of probability. But I trust in Couture's ability to defeat an opponent who has only defeated Heath Herring, Min Soo Kim and lost to Frank Mir. Couture, by TKO, round 5. is available also in germany and yourope for futere UFC Live Streams!

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