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Anton Tabuena: Like predicting many McGregor bouts, the opening minutes should make it pretty clear how this will play out. I expect Conor to start out strong as always, and while Poirier has looked much more durable at 155, he needs to do a lot more than just survive that early onslaught. If he can make it competitive early, make it a back-and-forth dog fight where both have to dig deep and showcase their heart, this would be his fight to lose. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see McGregor dominate early and win, but will he even be as sharp as he was? Will his timing still be there? Apart from 40 seconds against Cerrone over a year ago, he hasn’t fought much or done well at all in the last four years, while Poirier has been actively beating on top notch strikers in the same span. I think it’s more likely that Poirier mixes things up and does well enough early on to completely break McGregor down as the fight wears on. As good and as dangerous as he is, I still don’t think McGregor does well with adversity, and he hasn’t really shown anything in the last five years to change my mind on that. Poirier on the other hand, shines in that department. I think this is a toss up, but I’m going with Dustin Poirier by late TKO.

Mookie Alexander: I have gone back and forth on this forever. Started the week going Poirier, leaned towards McGregor, then back to Poirier, and now I think I’ll settle on McGregor. I’m pretty sure that if Poirier survives the first couple of rounds his pace will wear Conor out, dissipate his power, and there’s every chance he’ll hurt and choke McGregor out after piecing him up with volume and body work. Buuuuuut there’s still the Poirier who isn’t afraid to back down from an exchange, and it doesn’t even take a lot of chaos to get sniped by McGregor and put down. Poirier’s chin is clearly amazing but it’s hardly indestructible (as evidenced by the way Michael Johnson flattened him). McGregor is a fast starter and Poirier still starts slowly more often than not, and that really can dictate how this fight plays out. Conor will try and win this at range — his kicks are better than he’s given credit for — and that’s probably where he prevails. If he can’t put Dustin away early though then he’s destined to lose. Conor McGregor by TKO, round 2.

Harry Davies: There is no way Poirier should be a +240 underdog in this fight. Those odds definitely don’t reflect how close I think the fight will be. Although cardio was never his weak point, Poirier’s last fight with Dan Hooker showed he can both dish out and absorb heavy shots over the course of five rounds. But I just can’t see this one going that far. If Poirier does stand with McGregor I think he will have his fair share of success early on, but I can’t see him getting a finish. That is unless it goes to the later rounds and Conor’s gas tank fails him again. I think it will be early doors for the “Diamond” and McGregor will stop him in the second. Conor McGregor by TKO, round 2.

Zane Simon: Dustin Poirier’s first rounds always tend to be fast paced, and a bit hairy. The longtime ATT fighter towards a style that emphasizes volume and crashing exchanges; ones where he can look to dip back out of the pocket and land big strikes while sliding away from opponents at an angle. But in-between getting that kind of offense going, he’s still awfully hittable and hurtable. The secret to his success isn’t so much slick defense or confounding entries as it is a willingness to bite down and keep the pace high, even as opponents flag and even as he himself gets hurt. That just seems like a miserable way to fight McGregor, who has always found ways to make opponents pay for leaving big openings early in bouts. Even in his loss to Nate Diaz, McGregor still hurt Stockton’s own early. If Poirier’s gonna have a first round like he did against Dan Hooker, can I really bet on him bouncing back for the win? I don’t feel like I can. Conor McGregor via KO, round 1.

Lewis McKeever: I’m quite surprised to see so many people picking Poirier here. This is the perfect stylistic matchup for McGregor. A striker who likes to brawl and leaves himself wide open for the counter. McGregor will either finish Poirier in the first two rounds or piece him up and put on a striking clinic for twenty five minutes. Conor McGregor via Decision.

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