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UFC 246 stream replay in HD!
Conor McGregor Vs Donald Cerrone Full Fight

Fight Replay by MMAshare

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Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Stephie Haynes: I’ve got to pick Conor here. Cerrone is noticeably declining and not that it’s new information, but his body has always been a good target zone for enterprising opponents that actually watch tape. Conor has legit KO power in that left and Donald is just ripe for a good southpaw to create havoc. And speaking of tape, does Donald actually watch any? He recently referenced McGregor’s right hand as being the power hand. Um....what?? I’m certainly not saying Cerrone doesn’t have a route to victory because he certainly does. His cardio is much better and his ground game is clearly superior. Conor has very good takedown defense, though, so getting him down may be easier said than done.

Cowboy has an excellent kicking game both to the head and in the systematic destruction of legs, but Conor is also a decent kicker, so this is a tool available in both men’s arsenal. The other elephant in the room is how slow a starter Donald is. Conor wastes no time getting down to business and is quick and precise. The first round is crucial and if Cerrone can get out of it, his chances greatly increase. When I weigh out the pros and cons, though, I feel like Conor has more upside. I think he puts Cowboy away in the first via (T)KO.

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