UFC 239: Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos

Jon Jones vs Thiago Santos full fight video - UFC 239 stream replay by MMAshare

[HD] Fight Replay by


[HD] Fight Replay by

Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Zane Simon: Jon Jones is bigger, likely stronger, classically more durable, a better wrestler, and likely at least as good a grappler as Thiago Santos. The only major mark in Santos’ favor (and it is a big one) is that he has much more potential for violence when fighting out at range. It’s the kind of question Jones has never really quite had to answer before, especially given that Santos is both at his most vulnerable and at his most dangerous while moving backwards and throwing counter flurries. Will Jones decide to sit out in kickboxing range and try to find out who can do the most damage with their legs? That may not be a fight he’d win. Or, will he march forward, while eating shots, and break Santos with pressure, like Mousasi and Branch did. He’d be safest likely to just try and find a way to tie him up and wrestle him down. But no matter what, I expect the first round of this to be tense and potentially violent, as Jones tries to figure Santos out. After that, Jones will likely have his way. Jon Jones by decision.

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