Joaquim Silva vs Nasrat Haqparast

Joaquim Silva vs Nasrat Haqparast Full Fight UFC FN

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Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Phil Mackenzie: This should be an absolute banger. Both men are superlative athletes with a huge amount of confidence in their own power and toughness. I do, as usual, like Haqparast in this one: he starts very quickly and imposes his game quickly, where Neto BJJ tends to have to work his way into a fight, and Haqparast doesn’t easily let opponents off the hook. Notes of concern for Haqparastelum: he can get a bit monotonous with the left hand, and Silva is a more diverse puncher, with a particular knack for working the body in combination. Silva is also almost certainly the biggest puncher the German has fought, and his fearlessness could get him in trouble. That being said, Nasrat Haqparast by TKO, round 2.

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