MAX HOLLOWAY vs FRANKIE EDGAR full fight video - UFC 240 stream replay by MMAshare

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Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Zane Simon: There’s an avenue for Edgar here, but it involves doing something that I don’t think he’s nearly as interested in these days as he used to be, and that’s starting fast. Like a lot of long time veterans and championship caliber fighters, Edgar and Holloway both tend to like to start out slow, feel out what their opponent is trying to do, and build their games in layers from there. For Edgar, the layered part of his game is mostly in his wrestling. He’s a good striker, but not an especially nuanced one. On Holloway’s end, he’s an incredibly deft striker, but one who tends to both get hit hard early and late by aggressive opponents. Holloway works a lot of very simple, predictable combinations, early in fights, using opponent reactions to build deeper, trickier ones later one. Before he’s got his timing 100% down, he can get clipped. And, once he has that timing down, and opponents get desperate, he can get hit by wild shots, just because he likes to walk very fine technical lines. End of the day, though, I just don’t think Edgar is a wild and aggressive enough striker these days to throw caution to the wind and try and put Holloway out early. Instead, he’ll likely let Holloway feel out the fight early, and by the time Edgar is ready to set up his trickier takedown entries, Holloway will be stifling him from range. Max Holloway by decision.

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