Vicente Luque vs. Mike Perry

Vicente Luque vs. Mike Perry full fight video - UFC FN Uruguay stream replay by MMAshare

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Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Zane Simon: As Phil noted, as far as punchers chances go, Perry has an exceptionally good one. He’s unfathomably durable, and extremely mentally tough in fights. If you take a war to Mike Perry, he’s unlikely to be the first guy to take a step backwards. But, we’ve also seen fighters stay on the back foot all fight and counter him for decisive wins. And we’ve seen fighters pressure and pick him off with cautious entries for decisive wins. And we’ve also seen him submitted off his own reckless grappling offense. Luque has a good front headlock series, excellent counterpunching, and good pressure footwork. He’s great at staying composed, and has been similarly incredibly tough to break. As long as he minds himself at all times, he can probably pick Perry off in the same few ways all fight. Vicente Luque via submission, round 2.

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