Stephens vs. Kattar

Jeremy Stephens vs Calvin Kattar Full Fight UFC 249

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Fight Replay by

Zane Simon: Coming out of a self-isolation camp I have to think Stephens’ weight miss is less of a help to him than a hindrance. A sign that maybe camp didn’t go that well, and that he just gutted through it as best he could. Still, I’m a bit worried that for all the ways Stephens has been beaten over his career, it’s rarely by someone that’s willing to stand in and trade with him the way I think Kattar will off his back foot. It’s a real concern, that even if Kattar is more technical and slicker, that he’ll eat one to land two and get hurt for it. All that said, I’m still picking Kattar, he has the tools to stick and move and keep Stephens chasing him all fight, and Stephens has found too many ways to let fights slip away over the years. But, I expect Kattar will go through at least one big scare to pick up the win. Calvin Kattar by decision.

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