Gilbert Burns vs. Aleksei Kunchenko

Gilbert Burns vs. Aleksei Kunchenko full fight video - UFC FN

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Before you start watching the full fight video, read the prediction - Zane Simon: Kunchenko is a very difficult fighter to enjoy, or draw a bead on as a top talent. Unbeaten across his career, it feels like he’s always either over-performing or under-performing, based on your expectations from his record and/or style. He seems like a superb athlete, and I honestly think he may be one of the fastest welterweights around. But, he’s also incredibly risk averse. And while he pressures a lot, it often feels like he only pulls the trigger half as often as he could. Sooner or later that seems like it has to crack. He’ll meet a big enough puncher or a good enough wrestler, and they’ll take advantage of his willingness to just be in front of them. But, I’m not convinced Burns is that guy. Up a division, on short notice, and with a striking style that often seems like he’s picking his combo and winging it out, without any mind for distance, timing, or what might come back at him. It just feels to me too much like Kunchenko will be able to time his entries and be faster. And be too big to easily take down and out-grapple. Yushin Okami couldn’t do it on 14 attempts. Alexey Kunchenko by decision.

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