UPDATED: Gilbert Burns vs. Jason Saggo

Jason Saggo vs Gilbert Burns full fight UFC

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Burns was very hyped upon his entry into the UFC. Disappointing losses in two of his last three contests have cooled the expectations to where he is largely an afterthought now. Then again, injury forcing him to have a delay of a year between contests doesn’t help keep anybody in the public eye either….

Perhaps the time away will do Burns some good. He’s never shown the strongest mental physique, perhaps due to the expectations placed upon him. Able to get out of the limelight and train and fight without public expectation, could we see the best Burns yet? Given that he is likely entering his fighting prime at 31, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The highly decorated BJJ expert has made a smooth transition into MMA from his competitive grappling days, securing armbars in his last three victories. He shows good form in both his wrestling and striking, but hasn’t been able to fit the pieces together in a cohesive unit within either field.

Whereas it would be accurate to say Burns is less than the sum of his parts, Saggo is the opposite… at least at first glance. Saggo is a better athlete than most give him credit for with an underappreciated grappling game. Sure, he lacks power in his striking and strength in his wrestling, but he has found ways to make up for those deficiencies. On the feet, Saggo has adapted by relying heavily on low kicks and taking improved angles. His wrestling is more enthusiastic than anything else, but his ability to scramble helps him to get the top position when that’s ultimately his goal. From there, Saggo has displayed ground-and-pound that belies his weak punching power on the feet to compliment his deep bag of chokes.

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