Mark de la Rosa vs Joby Sanchez

Mark de la Rosa vs Joby Sanchez full fight

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UFC FN 139 Prediction: Speaking of needing to be a good athlete to survive at flyweight, that appears to be the problem Joby Sanchez is constantly running up against. He’s a fun, high volume kickboxer, but he tends to walk himself into the clinch consistently. The clinch leads to scrambles and, even in wins, it’s hard to find a fight where Sanchez didn’t get his back taken early on by the faster opponent. De La Rosa tends to fight in flurries of offense and his wrestling is more power than technique, so if he can’t get Sanchez down, he might just get out-worked. But, he’s a good grappler with a speed advantage and sooner or later that means he’ll probably be on Joby’s back. Mark De La Rosa via RNC in round 1.

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